Track: MED


Medical Informatics

Track Chair

Prof. Dr. Haldun Akpınar, Marmara University
Dr. Adil Deniz Duru, Marmara University

Modern information technology is an indispensable component in medicine for storing and analyzing health records. Computer science and medical professionals collaborate to develop solutions in the topic of bioinformatics, public health informatics, organizational informatics and clinical informatics. The use of medical informatics support both the clinicians and researchers in the diagnosis and treatment plans for several diseases.

From micro to macro scale, advancements in the biomedical measurement technology provide relevant information about the anatomy as well as the functionality of the human body. Machine Learning algorithms can be successfully implemented to fuse the data collected from several biomedical measurement systems and to form a decision either by fusing or comparing the obtained information. However the huge amount of medical dataset is needed to be investigated based on various algorithms in order to extract the hidden relevant information.

Dr. Haldun Akpınar has punched his first punched card in 1979 and he has developed his first professional software in 1981. He has been working in Information and Communication Technologies as a software developer, a system analyst, a consultant and a project manager as well as an educator for almost 40 years. He has directed the head of the Department of Business Informatics (in German) at Marmara University from 2003 to 2014.

He has also worked at the University of Illinois (U.S.A.), at Beckman Institute between 1991 and 1992, at the International Tokyo University (Japan) in 1993, at the Jönköping University (Sweden) in 1997, at the University of Otago (New Zealand) in 2000 and at many Universities in Germany until today. He has published 12 books in Turkish and German, and numerous research papers and articles.

Dr. Adil Deniz Duru was born in Istanbul in 1979. He received the B.Sc. degree in computer engineering from Istanbul University, Turkey, in 2000, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in biomedical engineering from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Bogazici University, Turkey, in 2004 and 2012, respectively. He was the recipient of Prof. Dr. Necmi Tanyolaç Award of Bogazici University in 2012. He worked as a Post-Doc researcher in Hulusi Behcet Life Sciences Center in Istanbul University. In 2013, he joined the Faculty of Sport Sciences in Marmara University as an Assistant Professor. His current research interests include biomedical signal processing, algorithm design and implementation and data mining in medicine. He has published 6 journal articles (SCI(E)) and more than 30 full page international conference paper.


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