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5th International

Management Information Systems Conference

When technology connects with business and society, next generation of business models and ecosystems come to life. We invite researchers and practitioners to join us and present their latest results and identify new trends and challenges.

October 24-26, 2018 - BTK Convention Center, Ankara, Turkey

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Info about the Conference Proceedings

IMISC 2018 is a bi-lingual international conference and it is covered by the 2018 Akademik Teşvik Yönetmeliği. If you need a letter to use in your related application, here it is.


The Intelligent Digital Mesh, "an entwining of people, devices, content and services", is this year’s cross-cutting theme. It will explore the convergence of business and society in a digital world.

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They will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present their latest results and identify new trends and challenges in providing information components in a range of innovative application contexts.

Accepted papers has been published on the pages of related tracks.

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Immerse yourself in over 20 sessions presented by well qualified researchers and practitioners to create a foundation for the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems.

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Guest Speakers

Explore a variety of perspectives and gain valuable insights through compelling presentations given by industry experts and luminaries.

Junior Faculty Workshop

It is organized in collaboration with the TRAIS, provides an opportunity for junior faculty members to join discussions about the MIS area.

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Awards Ceremony

The IMISC 2018 Award and the MIS Appreciation Award recognize individuals who contribute to the IMISC Series, MIS Field in Turkey, and MIS Department specifically. Awards will be presented at the Awards Ceremony on October 25, 2018 at the conference venue in various categories.

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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Moderator: Dr. T. K. Bensghir

The public sector produces "public goods" for problems, even though these problems may have no known feasible solutions, and it is heavily impacted by politics and bureaucratic red tape.

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Industry Challenge: Next Generation Business Models and Ecosystems

Moderator: Dr. A. Erkollar

Innovative technologies and 'social' approaches getting the recognition to lead the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems.

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MIS Research and Disciplinary Development in Turkey

Moderator: Dr. E. Coşkun

Understanding the past and present situation of MIS in Turkey as a developing country will aid in better understanding of the future of the field in the country.

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MIS Research, Methods, and Theories

Moderator: Dr. A. Hızıroğlu

MIS researchers use various research methods and theoretical viewpoints to explore a fact or event of scientific interest.

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IMISC Series Advisory Committee Meeting

We will be happy to see Chairs of MIS Departments from all-around Turkey in the annual meeting of IMISC Series Advisory Committee.


Practices of ICT-Supported Non-Formal Methods for Citizen Learning and Participation

Moderator: Dr. T. D. Medeni

While smart practices is an open concept and has an evolving definition, for the sake of this special session in accordance with the IMICS2018, it will be considered as proven best practices.


Blockchain Fundamentals

Harness the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Develop the skills to future-proof your career.


Social Media

Learn social media marketing tools and tactics to build your online marketing knowledge and advance your career.



It is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. You can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity.


R Programming

If you’re on a path to a career in data science or statistics, a course in R should definitely be on your list. Take an introductory course and add experience with this popular programming language to your resume.


Blockchain Applications

When it comes to proving the tangible benefits of the blockchain technology that many expect to change the world, it is still very early days and the earliest viable applications will likely be in supply chain management, rather than financial services.

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IMISC 2018 is also supported by Program 2223 of TÜBİTAK.

About the Conference.

IMISC 2018 is an international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field of management information systems.

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Organizing committee, advisory committee, scientific committee.

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Conference Venue.

IMISC 2018 will be hosted in Ankara, Turkey, at the BTK Convention Center from October 24-26, 2018.

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Department of Management Information Systems
Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Business School -

Notice: IMISC 2018 is a bi-lingual international conference and it is covered by the 2018 Akademik Teşvik Yönetmeliği. If you need a letter to use in your related application, here it is. Guest speakers may be prone to changing.

Organizing committee reserves the right at its sole discretion to postpone or change the venue, date and/or time of the conference without prior notice before early bird registration deadline.

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