Track: DSS


Decision Support Systems

Track Chair

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ersin Karaman, Atatürk University

Effective decision making is the most important issue in businesses. Therefore, decision maker tries to consider all factors that may affect their decisions. However, this is impossible because of the cognitive limits of human beings. Also, decision makers need to have ability for the conflict resolution, to reduce risk, to manage multi-partnership, to handle successive decisions and so on. As a result, decision support systems (DSS) concept has come into use. The term is used both as a research discipline and as information systems type. As a research field DSS is defined as a “conceptual framework for a process of supporting managerial decision making, usually by modelling problems and employing quantitative models for solution analysis”. On the other hand, information systems at the organization’s management level that combine the data and sophisticated analytical models or data analysis tools to support semi-structured and unstructured decision making is called DSS. In this track, we plan to evaluate decision support systems from both perspectives.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Karaman is an associate professor at Management Information Systems Department, Atatürk University, Erzurum, Turkey. His research fields are Decision Support Systems, Business Analytics, Human-Computer Interaction and Business Intelligence.


Web 3.0 in Decision Support Systems

Ahmet Doğan, Osmaniye Korkut Ata University
İsmail Söylemez, Abdullah Gül University
Uğur Özcan, Gazi University
Selçuk Kürşat İşleyen, Gazi University

RTM: Interactive estimation tool for modeling real-time wind speed

Volkan Soner Özsoy, Gazi University
H. Hasan Örkcü, Gazi University
Hasan Bal, Gazi University

Analitik Hiyerarşi Prosesi Kullanarak Kripto Para Seçimindeki Faktörlerin Belirlenmesi Üzerine Bir Uygulama

Umut Can Genç, Atatürk University
Doruk Ayberkin, Bayburt University
Ersin Karaman, Atatürk University
Üstün Özen, Atatürk University

Topsis, Moora ve Copras Tekniklerine Dayalı Etkin Sunucu Yönlendirme Sistemi: Mobil Uygulama

Lütfiye Özge Oral, Dokuz Eylül University
Emre Karagöz, Dokuz Eylül University
Vahap Tecim, Dokuz Eylül University
Ahmet Volkan Ergül, Dokuz Eylül University

İnteraktif Memnuniyet Değerlendirme Sistemi Mobil Kampüs

Emre Karagöz, Dokuz Eylül University
Cem Yıldız, Dokuz Eylül University
Vahap Tecim, Dokuz Eylül University

Transforming a Truly Traditional Dairy Product Company's Logistics and Transportation Related Decision Making Processes

Bahadır Aktaş, Sakarya University
Çağla Ediz, Sakarya University
Büşra Alma Çallı, Sakarya University
Erman Coşkun, Sakarya University

Karar Verme Yöntemleri ARAS ve TOPSIS ile Besin Tercihlerine Yönelik WEB Tabanlı Uygulama

Tolga Pelitli, Dokuz Eylül University
Emre Karagöz, Dokuz Eylül University
Demet Özbek, Dokuz Eylül University
Kaan Yaralıoğlu, Dokuz Eylül University