Guest Speaker

Zafer Babür

Turkish Airlines

Zafer Babür, after studying his Bachelor and Master at Istanbul Teknik Universitesi, he has continued his Doctorate and business studies at University of Southern California and Stanford University, respectively.

Worked as Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Lecturer at various International and local universities. Carried many titles ranging from EDP Manager, to Consultant, to Evaluator, to Operations Group Manager, to CIO, to Managing Director, to Board Member at Bank, Finance, Media, Technology companies. Managed companies, developed, manufactured, sold products and services.

Later, joined Corporate Development and Information Technology of Turkish Airlines. Recently works with the title of VP Operation solutions covering Ground Operations, Flight Operations, Cargo Operations, Crew Planning and Education Solutions.

He has been a columnist in various newspapers and magazines, published books on Linux, Data Communications, IT Contracts, co-authored an e-book on Mobile Life and Applications, authored several card-board games.

He passed several stages of his life with the following titles; son, elder brother, husband and father.

Proud to be always a student.